Positioning Dynamics

Learn how to position your services properly in front of the right audience, attract quality clients and grow your income!

Positioning Dynamics is a video training course designed to show business owners within the service industry (mainly consultants, coaches, financial advisers, business advisers, project managers, etc) how to position their services properly in front of the right audience, stand out from competition and dominate their niche, using 5 unique steps:

  • Step #1: Attention Magnet - this step is broken into 4 parts, and the idea is to show you how to get the attention of your audience.
  • Step #2: Hot Button Formula - this step is broken into 6 parts. You will learn how to highlight the benefits of your services, handle objections, and differentiate yourself from competition.
  • Step #3: Goodwill Sequence - this step is broken into 5 parts and it has to do with how you provide your services, and the importance of building solid connections with your clients.
  • Step #4: Social Media Piggyback - this step is broken into 7 parts, and it highlight's the importance of using the right social networks to promote your business.
  • Step #5: Strategic Marketing - this step is broken into 5 parts, and you will learn how to market your services in a well structured manner.
If you want to build authority, attract the right clients (people you want to work with), and grow your income consistently every month, then this course will teach you how.
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Intended Audience: Consultants, Coaches

Redefine Yourself
Who's Your Audience?
Your Digital Space
Attention or Distraction
Be More Value Driven
Break The Immunity
Invalidate Objections
Who's The Competition?
The Story Strategy
Goodwill Defined
Empathy and Integrity
Knowledge and Accessibility
Build a Community
Have a Structure
Minimise the Platforms
Content Plan
Automated vs Direct
Groups and Pages
Advertising Budget
My 5 Step Process
Start with your offer
Set up your funnel
Types of Funnels
Follow up series
Advertising Platforms
Next Step

What's included

  • 27 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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